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Suans's Retreat Apartments | Bridge Street 5311 | Niagara Falls, ON, L2E 2T4 | Canada |
Phone: 289-296-9402 | Email: | Languages: English/German/Hungarian/Serbo-Croatian

Your accommodation in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada


American Falls
Susan in front of the Falls
Canadian Horseshoe Falls
sightseeing Niagara Falls, Canada

About us:

Susan's Retreat is a privately all year round operated place in Niagara Falls, Canada. You can relax in the cosy and casual environment of this home which has welcomed guests from the beginning with charm and openness that makes you feel right at home.
This house hopefully will be your home for some time. Here you will forget the everyday pressures and feel good at once.

Susan's Retreat efficiency units provide privacy and all needed amenities and more which make a longer stay comfortable as your home away from home.

Susan's Retreat is not just only your everyday sleeping place but much, much more!
It is the perfect place for your headquarter not only to explore Niagara Falls and its attractions but also for scouting the beautiful peninsula. Even a trip to Toronto is not a big deal.
That way you are avoiding the stress of searching continuously for new places to stay and therefore you have much more time for sightseeing and other things to enjoy.

The apartments have fully equipped kitchens and by preparing your own breakfast or your meals by yourself might save you a bundle of money.
Free parking is provided in front of our house. It is the perfect place from which you may explore not only Niagara Falls and all its attractions but also the beautiful peninsula. Even a trip to Toronto is not a big deal.
Therefore you avoid the stress of searching continuously for new places to stay and you have more time for sightseeing and other things to enjoy.

Thirsty? Upon arrival you will find some coffee and cold drinks in the fridge to quench your thirst.

Niagara Falls is well known as the

Honey Moon Capital

of the World

We have had very happy
honeymooners in the past

efficiency units in Niagara Falls, Canada
Susan's Retreat from south

You will find that staying here at
Susan's Retreat
is the greatest idea you've had
for a long time!

Susan's Retreat, patio
Two decks are provided for
sunbathing at
Susan's Retreat

Please check details at the respective links on our web site.

We at Susan' Retreat do everything possible to make your stay in our smoke and dog free (allergy free) house a very pleasant one!
Susan's Retreat, Niagara Falls, accommodation, apartments, efficiency units, suite, vacation, home
Side entrance by car port
(Homewood Ave) to
Susan' Retreat

We at Susan's Retreat are really friendly and humorous people and would be happy to welcome you.
You'll get your moneys worth and more for our prices are very moderate by comparison!

What we offer:

Very comfy beds - but...
....not only your everyday sleeping place...

Susan's Retreat is not "your every day sleeping place" but so much more
Relax in the cozy and casual environment. You feel right at home. It will be your home away from home for some time.

Susan's Retreat offers efficiency units in a smoke and dog free atmosphere. So please smoke outside only and do not bring a dog along so that allergy-sufferers will not get worse.
We offer a beautiful
fully equipped apartment with a loft in the upper floor and a gorgeous suite on the main floor which has been just renovated.

apartment, suite, efficiency units, downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario

Hot or cold outside? Relax, do not panic! A new high efficiency air conditioning and heating system has been installed for your comfort during summer and winter.


Pricing: Susan's prices are very moderate, even in peak season.
Most of our guests mention that quite regularly.
However, the price depends on time and length of stay, also how many people will come. Please mail or phone.
Specials: Susan's is offering discounts like early bird and others. Take advantage of this! Please enquire.

Reservation: to guarantee your reservation please write or call as soon as possible especially for summertime.

Payment: Cash, Wire transfer to the bank, also Western Union. For your convenience we accept PayPal, who will accept your credit cards.
No charge for you.
Susan's Retreat is also offering
efficiency units which provide privacy and all needed amenities and more to make a longer stay comfortable as well
a very beautiful and extraordinarily renovated apartment with a loft which can sleep up to 8 people
a new gorgeous bachelor type suite with bathroom and kitchen corner, sleeps 4 to 5
linen supplied
free, of course: high speed wireless Internet, cable TV, parking, Deck, Sun deck, Bikes and more
free parking in front of the house


Start here in Niagara Falls, scouting one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario. Make our house your headquarter, do sightseeing tours and visit all the tourist attractions.

Then rest at
Susan's Retreat from sightseeing and attraction hunting. Check our link site to get some ideas what to see!

apartment, suite, efficiency units, downtown Niagara Falls, Ontario
We are here for you always even when most of the green is gone, not sleeping in winter sacrificing our hibernation

and in summertime.....
A sun deck for sun bathing is waiting just for you.

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